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The SoCare® brand (Belongs to HenChung Metal Industry Group) is synonymous with quality.Now, we have become an even greater resource for our business partners. Due to embracing technical advances, product support, and service,apart from our Steel Structure workshop,warehouse and other Prefab Houses,we have become a truly solutions-oriented supplier of Slewing Ring Bearings, Slewing Drives and Ball Screws. SoCare® is creating greater value for our partners.


These advances all work together to bring our customers the added benefit of higher productivity. In addition, we provide application specific products, leading edge design simulation tools, on sight engineering support, plant asset efficiency programs, and advanced supply chain management.


We supply one-stop solution on the industrial parts from design, processing to professional quality inspection.

With SoCare® you can expect more!

What's New

  • SoCare® Slewing Bearings

    Slewing bearings comprise an inner ring and an outer ring, one of which usually incorporates a gear..

Have you ever met Quality and Delivery problems with the supply of Slewing Bearing, Slewing Drive & Ball Screw ?
Advanced processing equipments and skilled technical workers are the key to ensure the consistency of products. Long-term stable forging processing channels allow us to control the delivery time and ensure the quality of raw materials.
With SoCare® , you can expect more!

SoCare® Slewing Bearing

Slewing Ring bearing are large-size rolling bearings that can accommodate axial, radial and moment loads acting either singly or in combination and in any direction .They can perform both slewing (oscilla...


SoCare® Slewing Drive

Slewing Drive most often refers to a mechanism that consists of a radial gear, an axial shaft called a worm, and a connected driving component. More advanced slew drives might include specific worm design...


SoCare-MSI™ Ball Screw

A Ball Screw is a highly efficient type of nut and bolt that provides smooth movement. Its unique design, consisting of many ball bearings inside a sleeve, is used in industries such as robotics and aerona...


SoCare®-X Customized Bearing

In the increasingly competitive market environment, consumers' demand for customized components is increasing, and SoCare® can meet their needs through customized processing.


HenChung® Steel Structure Building

Henchung® has been committing to the design of Steel Structure buildings, the control of quality details, the production of steel components and the installation of steel buildings.


SoCare-MSI™ OutSourcing Service

We maintain the service and product standards clients expect, with the cost-saving benefits only offshore sourcing can provide.


Let Us Reinforce Your Ideas

SoCare® works with clients in a variety of ways. From simple supply of a standard construction to design and development of a bespoke solution, the choice is yours. Once you contact our team we will work with you to understand your needs and either identify existing products that are suitable or develop a solution to your Slew Ring or Slew Drive problem with you. Our friendly and helpful sales and technical team will guide you through the process by focusing on your needs to identify the best solution for your business.

Let Us Help – Share Your Idea

We would love to help you overcome your application selection on Slew Ring or Slew Drive . If you are having trouble finding a suitable product, want to know more about Slew Ring or Slew Drive or just want to know if we can supply an alternative to your current solution please contact us so that we can help.


Applications of SoCare-MSI™ Products

We are a professional designer, developer, and manufacturer of Slewing Bearings,Slewing Drives and Ball Screws. These components are often the core components in industrial equipments, which playing an important role in support, transmission and rotation . We often say that SoCare® rotates the world, which is a good metaphor.

MSI as a subsidiary of SoCare®, one of MSI's job is to assist our old customers in purchasing other industrial products. MSI maintains partnerships with most European and American industrial product brands, such as Siemens, Hema, Nord, Coax, Rexroth, Little, Conductix, Abel, Freuden, Kracht, Staffa, Wika,Sick, Festo, Lapp,Helu ,Alpha, Balluff, Schneider, Parker, Lippmann, Herrenknecht, Eckart, KSB, Elin, Vem, SKF, NSK, TIMKEN, ISB,Microchip, Vishay,Marvell, Altera, NXP,TI, etc.

Due to space limitations, we will only list a few application cases of Slewing Bearings. Regarding the Slewing Drives and Ball Screws, if you have any demands, please contact us without any hesitaion.

Wind Turbines Application

Many wind turbines in more than 20 countries use SoCare® Slew Rings for blade and yaw. Our design office is specialized to design specific bearings with 15-20 years life time.

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Medical Application

The SoCare® Medical Slew Rings are characterized by a high rotating speed, constant rotating torque and low noise .

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Precision Application

The success of the SoCare® Slew Ring is the result of the precision of our finishing by grinding.

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Because of the light structure of the crane, the SoCare® Slew Rings is an essential and strategic part.

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Offshore Application

High speeds, high loads and salty environment require strong and precise components. The SoCare® Slew Ring is the perfect answer to the offshore industry.

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Forest Industry

Forest and de-barker machines require strong components.

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Challenge Us To Find Your
Slew Ring Or Slew Drive Solution

At SoCare® , we take pride in our dedicated technical experience with Slew Ring, Slew Drive, even Ball Screw. It's our job to work closely with our customers on a variety of new projects not only as suppliers, but as developers and designers. This involves getting to know you and your project needs inside and out, so that we can dedicate ourselves to creating the ideal solution for you.


Do you have an idea or project in mind that SoCare® can bring to fruition? If so, we want to be your partner. Please contact a member of our team to find out more information.