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SoCare®-X Customized Bearing

Customized Bearings are important part of SoCare® product lines.We named it the SoCare®-X series, where X means infinite possibilities. It is like a mysterious unknown, prompting our technicians to constantly surge the passion of innovation. 

Many customized bearings are used for special applications which require lighter weight, higher corrosion resistance,higher temperature resistance, Acid and alkali resistance, higher speed, greater rigidity, or special structures to fit their design, or special metal materials or rolling elements and cages. 

SoCare®-X Bearings have been adopted on Medical equipment, Semiconductor wafer equipment, Large rocket body friction welding machines, Special high temperature occasions,etc. 

We have been encouraging our technicians to be involved in the design with customers, and to make friends with the our customers. 

But design is not an unrealistic fantasy. To turn innovative ideas into reality, it needs the support of practical experiences. Only in this way we could effectively organize processing and control costs, and then customized products can be competitive in the market.

Customized Slew Rings

Generally, slewing bearings are large-size,rolling bearings that can accommodate axial, radial and moment loads acting either singly or in combination and in any direction. They can perform both slewing (oscillating) movements as well as rotational movements.

SoCare®-X Other Type Customized Parts

In addition to Slewing Ring Bearings, Slewing Drives also accept non-standard customization, especially the input flanges, and even a new model can be developed without problem. We can also provide high quality gears, non-standard gear requires special tools, as mentioned before, we have a mature non-standard tool supply system, so it is easy to get the appropriate tools. In addition, we can also provide non-standard industrial gears and bearings in special materials, such as martensitic stainless steel, general aluminum alloy and aerospace aluminum parts processing.