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SoCare-MSI™ OutSourcing Service

Industries SoCrae-MSI® Outsourcing serves:

We frequently work with other manufacturing companies, wholesale distributors, and retail businesses. However, SoCrae-MSI’s product sourcing services in China ,USA and European are not limited to any particular product, market-segment or industry. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about you and your outsourcing needs.


Why need Outsourcing Contract Manufacturing?

Between increasing local costs and the growing pressure of offshore competition, the competitive landscape today remains extremely challenging. By implementing an effective international sourcing program, you enjoy the same benefits as offshore competitors, maintain a competitive edge, and sustain the viability of your business.

*Real Value.   We maintain the service and product standards your desire clients expect, with the cost-saving benefits only offshore sourcing can provide.

*Streamlined Process.   By handling the vast majority of work, we help clients immediately “snap in” to the quality of sourcing network once only available to large corporations investing significant resources.

*Global Network & Infrastructure.   With branches in the United States, China, and Russia we have sourcing infrastructure, resources, and contacts in place and ready to be leveraged.

*Universal Application & Support.   SoCare-MSI®’s services are not limited to any particular product, market-segment, or industry.   Manufacturing companies, wholesale distributors, and retail businesses can all benefit from the services provided by SoCare-MSI®.   Products such as consumables, repair parts, component parts, complete sub-assemblies and finished products are all available to be sourced.

How SoCare-MSI® can help you-SoCare-MSI®,Your Best Partner!

Whether you're a multinational company or a small to middle-sized manufacturer or distributor, we’ve got you covered. With SoCare-MSI ®, you can:

-Get going.  No infrastructure or capital investment required.

-No more micromanaging.  SoCare-MSI® is a 100% turnkey solution. We do everything—manufacturing, logistics, quality control, and more.

-Communicate and serve easily.  We have branch offices or agents in US,Russia and China.

-Uphold standards.  Our product quality is guaranteed to meet - or exceed- all industry requirements.

-Boost profits.   Minimize cost and turnaround with our streamlined infrastructure.

-Get guidance.   We've learned a lot over the past 20 years, and happily pass this knowledge on to clients.

-Sleep easily.   Working with us is zero risk—you’ll always know your cost savings before committing to a project or order.

List of Product Sourcing Categories for Contract Manufacturing:

-Carbide Threading Tools for Oil Pipe

-Deep Hole Machining Tools

-Flexible Cable

-Cable Trolley

-Copper Parts Processing

-Precision Casting

-Filter and filter element

-Precision Machining

-Drill Pipe


-Sheet-metal Working

-Steel Tubing , Steel Pipe and Steel Plate & Sheet

-Steel Pipes

-Steel Plate/sheet