Flexible Cable to Order for Customer


MSI as a subsidiary of SoCare®, one of MSI's job is to assist our old customers in purchasing other industrial products. MSI maintains partnerships with most European and American industrial product brands, such as Lapp,Helukable,Alpha Wire,Siemens, Hema, Nord, Coax, Rexroth, Little, Conductix, Abel, Freuden, Kracht,  Staffa,  Wika, Sick,  Festo, Lapp,Helu , Alpha, Balluff, Schneider, Parker,  Lippmann, Herrenknecht,  Eckart,  KSB,  Elin,  Vem, SKF,  NSK, TIMKEN, ISB,Microchip, Vishay, Marvell, Altera, NXP,TI, Contitech,etc.

As an important part of SoCare®-MSI business, we procure other industrial products for most of our Slewing Bearing customers around the world, we have our own quality control team, we have established partnerships with many well-known brands and state-owned enterprises in China, and we have a procurement channel in Europe to procure more than 2,000 European branded products for our customers.

We can also provide customers with payment and inspection and acceptance services, we can audit the suppliers designated by customers, production tracking, quality testing, payment, goods export and other services.

We help our customer to purchase the following items of Flexible cable for Metro systems:

Cable H07RN-F 36G1,0

Cable LIYCY(TP) 8X2X0,5

Cable Olflex FD Classic 810P 50G1

Cable H07RN-F  5G2,5

Cable H07RN-F 18G1,0

Cable H07RN-F 24G1,0


Cable LI2YC11Y 4x1.5

Cable 2x2x0.75.Profinet Type C

Cable LIYCY(TP)8X0,25mm²

Cable H07RN-F3G1.5mm²

Cable H07RN-F  7G1,5mm²


Cable OLFLEX-11080X1

Cable  26301196-2×0,75;OLFLEX-440P.

Cable 4×2×AWG23/1;600MHZ

Cable 7G0.75;OLFLEX-440P

Cable H07RN-F  5G6mm²

Cable H07RN-F 5G10.0

Cable HO7RN-F 5GX16

Cable HO7RN-F  5GX35

Cable HO7RN-F  5GX50

Cable H07RN-F 12GX1.5

Cable H07RN-F 1X95

Cable H07RN-F  1x240 mm²

Cable H07RN-F 1X300

Cable H07RN-F 12G1.5

 Cable  4 PAARIG-2

 Cable  4 PAARIG-5

 Cable  4 PAARIG-3

 Cable  4 PAARIG-10

With SoCare®-MSI,you can expect more!