MSI Ball Screw to Order for Customer

MSI as a subsidiary of SoCare®, one of MSI's job is to assist our old customers in processing or purchasing other industrial products.  

As an important part of SoCare®-MSI business, we procure other industrial products for most of our Slewing Bearing customers around the world, we have our own quality control team, we have established partnerships with many well-known brands and state-owned enterprises in China, and we have a procurement channel in Europe to procure more than 2,000 European branded products for our customers.

We can also provide customers with payment and inspection and acceptance services, we can audit the suppliers designated by customers, production tracking, quality testing, payment, goods export and other services.

We help our customer to process the Ball Screws,MSI Ball Screw,since 1966,we could supply many series of Ball Screws with Gcr15,40Cr,50CrMo4 or CF53 steel.

The ball screw design is unique in the field of screws, nuts and bolts. It consists of a long threaded rod, known as the shaft, that is crafted to have its thread precisely spaced tightly together. The most complex portion of this two-part system is the screw element. The screw acts as a nut that goes over the threaded shaft but is different from traditional nuts because it is 

a self-contained unit with hundreds of tiny steel balls aligned inside. When the screw is placed over the threaded shaft, 

the balls easily roll down the threads. 

With SoCare®-MSI,you can expect more!