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Cross Roller Bearing

Cross Roller Bearing:SCB-XR Series


These preloaded slewing rings can support higher loads than four point contact bearings. They have proved themselves

particularly where bearings are subjected to high radial forces and moderate axial and tilting moment loads

They are suitable for applications with uniform running free from stick-slip, low rotational resistance and high requirements for

axial and radial runout accuracy and rigidity, for example in robots,handling systems and machine tools.

OD size range up : 11"-209"


-Cylindrical rollers in V shaped rolling path

-Rollers in alternating axis of roation


-Ring Configuration:

  Non geared

  External gear

  Internal gear

-Grease fittings for lubrication




-Machine tools



SCB-XR Series

-Cylindrical rollers in V shaped rolling path
-Rollers in alternating axis of roation
-Ring Configuration:Non geared;External gear or Internal gear
-Grease fittings for lubrication


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