SoCare Spur Gear ESD series Slewing Drive to Order for Customer

MSI as a subsidiary of SoCare®, one of MSI's job is to assist our old customers in processing or purchasing other industrial products.  

As an important part of SoCare®-MSI business, we procure other industrial products for most of our Slewing Bearing customers around the world, we have our own quality control team, we have established partnerships with many well-known brands and state-owned enterprises in China, and we have a procurement channel in Europe to procure more than 2,000 European branded products for our customers.

We can also provide customers with payment and inspection and acceptance services, we can audit the suppliers designated by customers, production tracking, quality testing, payment, goods export and other services.

We help our customer to process the Slewing Drives,SoCare® Slewing Drives,since 2005,we could supply many series of Slewing Drives with high quality,competitive price and quick delivery.

What is Spur Gear Slew Drive?

Spur gear slewing drive is composed of a Slewing Bearing, Gear, housing, adapter flange, support bearings, seals and other components. After reasonable design, component manufacturing, debugging, assembly and other processes, the products have the ability to withstand axial force, radial force, tilting moment torque and at the same time has a certain gear ratio, referred to as Slewing Drive.

Spur Gear Slew Drive Features

-The adaptor flanges can be customized according to customer requirements to meet customer's various installation requirements.

-The pinions adopt the both ends of the bearings to support rotation, rotate freely, high reliability, can reduce the damage of reducer shaft or motor shaft.

-The housing is made of QT450-10 casting, has small processing deformation, high strength, good toughness, wear resistance, stability and durable in use.

-The pinions and ring gears are gear quenched to increase the capacity of the gears, greatly increase the wear resistance of the gears and extend service life.

-The slewing rings adopt four point contact ball type, which can withstand axial load, radial load and tilting moment torque, at the same time has high rotate speed.

-The slewing rings and housings of the spur gear slewing drive are all sealed with NBR rubber, has the performance of dustproof, water resistant and IP65 protection grade.

-The surface of the slewing drive housing, flange and other parts are treated with phosphating or spray treatment, which is beautiful and anti-corrosion.

-The slewing drives adopt compact designs can save installation space for customers, it's convenient for customers to design lightweight complete machines, making installation and use more convenient.

-The slewing drives adopt full wrapping design, the grease is not easy to be polluted and lost, which can reduce the number of maintenance and reduce the maintenance cost.

-The transmission parts are surrounded by the housing, which are safe and reliable, strong and durable.

the balls easily roll down the threads. 

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